Systemic Constellations

Family / Systemic Constellations are a living and growing body of knowledge that is arrived at through an experiential method of inquiry – constellation method of setting up constellations. It is a science of human relationships, which concerns the orders that operate in our relationships, the importance of systemic conscience as well as the awareness about how these are being played out in partner or parent-children relationships, relationships to our ancestors, relationship between victims and perpetrators, national conflicts and reconciliation, and relationship to the Spirit.

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Issues that can be addressed by this work are ALL the issues of living from all areas of our lives, including: disturbed relationships, low life energy, depression, illnesses, addictions, eating disorders, failure to succeed in life, anxiety, personal & collective trauma.

It is for anyone who is struggling in some way familiar with the issues mentioned above. Also for everyone who wants to learn about the Laws of Love – systemic principles and forces which operate in our lives and drive them in a certain direction. You don’t have to have any problems in your life to benefit from attending constellations.

No previous knowledge or experience with constellations or any other type of therapy is necessary. This is not therapy. No ongoing sessions needed. Exposure to this work, either in groups or individually, has beneficial effect, even if we do not work on any personal issues. Not much detailed information needs to be shared.  Family members do not need to attend. Everyone’s dignity remains preserved. Everyone takes responsibility for their own process and remains in their own sphere. This work is efficient, elegant, grounded, embodied, practical, and beneficial for everyone.

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