Systemic Constellations

The Constellation Method  is applied with individuals and in groups.


Issues that can be addressed by this work include:

      Disturbed relationships with family members.

            Low life energy, depression  & failure to succeed in life.

            Repeated accidents, illnesses addictions, eating disorders .

            Suicidal tendencies.

            Dealing with the effects of  death, divorce, abortion,

            adoption, incest, personal or collective trauma. Reconciliation.


Who is it for?

Anyone who feels in some way familiar with the issues mentioned above.

No previous knowledge or experience with this or any other type of therapy is necessary. 

Not much personal information needs to be shared.  Family members do not need to attend.

Partners can benefit greatly from attending together, whether they explore a relationship or a family of origin issue. Men and women are equally welcome to this work.

A lot will be gained by participating as a representative in others’ constellations and by just observing. The atmosphere created in the workshops is one of respect, acceptance, humility and gratitude.

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More about Systemic Constellation Work

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Other information and resources

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