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Serbia, Andrevlje, Fruška gora – May, 2020


This training intensive is foremost for the students of Alemka and Max, past and present, from Croatia, Serbia and Turkey, and also for all who wish to deepen their experience of Systemic Constellation Work.  Constellation intensive “Our Nature: From Individual to Collective” will offer us all the opportunity to travel further on our individual paths of growth, connected with collective fields which surround and define us.

It is our intention that multiculturalism and cross-connection of different cultures and nations are defining aspects of this event, which will enable us to deepen our constellation insights in work with different these and other guests facilitators.

In beautiful nature surrounds, the focus of the intensive will be on collective constellations and nature constellations and how these are reflected through our individual life experiences.


PLACE: Andrevlje, National Park Fruška Gora, Serbia

DATES: from Sunday 3.5.2020.  16.00 h until Saturday  9.5.2020. 16.00 h

FACILITATORS: Alemka Dauskardt (CRO) & Max Dauskardt (GER) & Melissa Roussopoulos (UK) & guest presenter Jean Wildervanck (South Africa)

LANGUAGE: English with Croatian / Serbian consecutive translation , plus translation to Turkish in small groups

ORGANIZER: Milan Nikolić




                  fon/viber:  +381 63 329852

VALUE: 750€ all inclusive: intensive fees, accommodation and food

The value of the Intensive for students of Alemka & Max is € 600 . For all others, the value is € 750.


The price of the intensive includes all workshops, accommodation (shared two or three in a room; € 100 extra for a single room) and all meals, including refreshments in breaks. The price is NOT including travel cost and airport transfers).


The price for the intensive without accommodation and meals is €400 for all days  (€ 300 for our students) and € 100 for each separate day, payable at the intensive.

This price includes workshop attendance, lunch and breaks refreshments. It does not include transfers.

Payments by cash:

Milan Nikolić

PayPal payments: PayPal.Me/sordjo




Alemka Dauskardt photo - Copy

Alemka Dauskardt:

Global Consciousness Constellations

Constellations are a powerful method by which we can address many issues of our everyday existence. In addition to our intimate, family arena and issues related to our mental health, through constellations we can also expand our view to include larger systemic forces  and explore their influence on our lives. To what extent we are determined by the collective fields we belong to and what can we do about it? What is the place of an individual in the collective field? What is the price of belonging and can we be autonomous? How do wars, nationalism and religions shape our systemic belonging? How can we contribute to the change and growth of global consciousness which includes all our collective, nature and cosmic fields we are part of?

These are some of the questions we will be opening ourselves to see what insights come to us from such exploration of the Field.

In times of planetary crises we experience on many fronts, no issue is unrelated. It is essential for our survival that we learn more about the connection between our individual happiness and collective, nature, planetary and universal forces which shape our human destiny.


Alemka Dauskardt holds a Masters Degree in Psychology, with specialist training in Gestalt therapy, relationship counselling, cross-cultural therapy and trauma work. Alemka is a full time Constellation Practitioner in her own practice.

Since she was first introduced to Constellation Work in 1995, all areas of her personal and professional life have been inspired by it (also in-Spirited by it!). She has been using this approach in the individual setting, as well as facilitating workshops. She offers training in Systemic Constellations in Croatia and elsewhere.

Within systemic work, her focus has lately been on reconciliation constellations and on learning how large system events shape the sphere of intimate relationships. Alemka is interested in exploring current challenges the work and constellating community are faced with. She also translates constellation literature and writes. More broadly, she is excited about the paradigm shift, which is occurring in so many related fields and opening new horizons.

Alemka is a member of International Systemic Constellation Association – ISCA, has served on ISCA Board and was the organizer of two ISCA Gatherings in Croatia.



Max Dauskardt:

What stops us from belonging

Frequently we discover that our inner blockages require a relatively small change in us to enable the restricted flow of our love energy to gain its natural vibrancy, like the river that is blocked by a mud and rock-slide can have its flow restored as soon as only one stone is removed.

The minimalist approach to constellating is dealing with this central blocking element which is impeding the seeker’s life energy. A minimum of words during the pre-constellation interview, a minimum of elements/persons represented at the beginning of and a minimum of talking during the constellation is the nature of this approach.

Movements of the soul/spirit are the guiding impulses, leading the flow of the constellation. Furthermore, this approach refrains from finding a solution to ‘side issues’ that invariably show during a constellation, beyond making sure that the seeker is enabled to leave these issues with love where they belong.

During the intensive, Max will mainly work according to the minimalist approach in order to clear what is separating us, the individual from our collective.


Max Dauskardt  has trained extensively with Bert Hellinger and leading international trainers in Europe, Israel, USA, Asia  and Australia. Max has been conducting constellation workshops and individual sessions for a number of years. He has conducted Constellation workshops in many Australian cities, NZ, USA and Germany. Max’s style is enriched by his varied life experiences and his first hand knowledge of other cultures.

Max’s commitment to the constellation work has been reflected through his extensive ongoing training and his participation at major international constellation events. Max has also been instrumental in creating training opportunities for others in Australia as well as in Europe.

Max contributes regularly to the International Constellations Journal “The Knowing Field”, and is particularly interested in exploring the quantum physics phenomena as they relate to Constellation Work. He has served as the Chairman of the International Systemic Constellation Association for two terms.


Melissa Roussopoulos


Constellations are about the systems within which we belong.  The families into which we are born, the organizations we work for, the tribes and nations we may feel loyal to.  We seek to relate with them well so that all within those systems may thrive.  Yet there is a system we all belong within that is rarely given attention in constellations.  It provides the food we eat and the air we breathe.  Without it, we could not survive.  That system is the community of all life.  Nature.  And nature, of which we are a part, has so much more to offer us than we may imagine…

I am an environmentalist by background, taking two Masters degrees in environmental issues then working to promote ecological sustainability for many years.  The first time I experienced a constellation in which an animal was represented and shared his perspective, I was shocked and disbelieving.  Was this the fantasy of the human taking the role?  How could any animal have something to ‘say’ since animals are not conscious like humans?  Then I came across accounts of communications with animals and plants which challenged everything my culture had taught me about other-than-human beings.  For the next 10 years I researched whether these communications were real, interviewing scientists, philosophers, professional interspecies communicators, shamans and members of more earth-based communities.  I learned that modern society has forgotten something known to most ancient cultures: that all aspects of nature are capable of mind-to-mind communication with humans.

Nature constellations (NCs) are constellations that include other-than-human beings, and through them, two-way communication becomes possible between humans and the life around them.  Since 2005 I have been running NCs for the general public, farmers, environmental groups, land owners and university agricultural departments.  Clients have explored questions at many levels, for example: whether to have another dog within a household; asking land if would welcome a building on it; how an environmental project could achieve success; what to do about global ecological problems.  Within these NCs we have had humans representing dogs, horses, wild boar, specific trees, species of tree, areas of land, insects, fungi and many other forms of life.  Each time what was communicated was relevant and helpful.  I tracked the impacts and found that there were a range of benefits, a conclusion shared by other ‘nature constellators’ around the world.

This work is so exciting, diverse and unpredictable that I hesitate to define ‘the benefits’, since they will be different for every person.  But to give a flavour, some outcomes have been immediate and practical, such as a traumatised dog spontaneously experiencing healing when he was honoured in a NC.  Others were visible only with time, for example a piece of land requested that that grapes be grown on it, saying it would support the wider agricultural project.  It took four years for the landowner to get the permissions and financing to plant the vines.  When she did, the vineyard flourished on the land and the project began to thrive.  Through this method, nature has provided fresh perspectives on both personal and global issues.  One woman experiencing difficulties in her relationship credits a NC with shifting the dynamic and enabling her to marry her partner.  Another woman, having leaned into the support available from the earth, described how tensions in her family simply dropped away afterwards.  A number of NCs have revealed spiritual insights about global environmental issues.  At a more basic level, participants have often found it transformative simply to step into the paws, claws and roots of another being.  Comments on NC work include: “inspirational, mind blowing”, “I left feeling enriched and ensouled” and “it has fundamentally changed my relationship with nature – I’m really grateful.” 

At the Serbian Intensive, all participants will have the opportunity to do a small-scale constellation about their relating with nature and to represent other-than-human beings.  After that we will see what emerges within the group and together co-create the focus for deeper NC experiences.  My intention is for our work to complement the constellations done within human family and national systems, to expand the field to the wider collective of all life and explore what nature can offer us, as well as what we can offer nature.  Finding our right place in the web of life that supports us and the life around us.  Moreover, it can reveal a bit more about what it is to be fully human.


Melissa Roussopoulos has been working with Nature Constellations since 2005 to communicate with other-than-human beings.  Whether our focus is the animals and plants we live with, our environmental projects, or wider ecological questions, this approach can reveal profound insights and solutions to guide our relating with the web of life all around us for the benefit of all.  Through the process, we often learn more about ourselves.

jean foto

Jean Wildervanck:

Journeys in Collective Consciousness: We stumble, fall and stand up


Many Balkan countries, like South Africa, have a traumatic past that has left deep scars in the collective psychic. In spite of, or maybe because of this, there is an intense longing to be part of a more inclusive, just and, hopefully, a more prosperous future.  Even as we stumblingly stand up again, those nations we thought to have got it right are becoming increasingly polarized and falling into disrepute. Within this grand scale of things, who are we – families, communities and people of the world – to become?

This workshop looks at humanity’s heroic journeys in consciousness: past, present and future.  When we who work with social change understand how collective consciousness morphs and evolves over time and within particular geo-political constraints, our interventions become more empathic, creative and resilient.

Jean will outline the book she is working on – ‘Journeys in Collective Consciousness: ‘South Africa, Africa and the World’ – followed by constellations where we get to check hypotheses and discern future steps. 


 Jean Mathews Wildervanck encountered Systemic Constellations in 2009 and immediately felt drawn to it. She has since attended workshops presented by Stephan Hausner, Jane Peterson, Francesca Mason Boring and Tanja Meyburgh as well as the 2014 ISCA Intensive.

Jean is a contractual lecturer at the Nelson Mandela University Business School. She also convenes the Open Learning Community in Port Elizabeth giving seekers the opportunity to set constellations.





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