International Systemic Constellations Association

  • The gathering place for systemic constellation practitioners from all over the world.
  • The source of information and support for members and the public.
  • The meeting point for exchange of ideas, knowledge and developing visions.
  • The all inclusive platform from which to foster the diversity in development of Systemic Constellation Work.

Systemic Constellation Work has spread to the far corners of the globe and new developments continue to emerge that excite and inspire all of us.

The founding of International Systemic Constellations Association was a response to a felt need for an active, connected, community that encompasses this geographical scope and a wide diversity of interests and practice.
Thousands of people around the world are actively exploring how constellations and the systemic approach address the issues of everyday life as well as larger issues affecting the world as a whole. The inspiration for this development comes from the creative insights of Bert Hellinger and contributions from major new developments in neuroscience, genetics, systemic thought, quantum physics, psychotherapy, and is made possible by the Internet.

ISCA aims to facilitate networking among people and the sharing of their knowledge and discoveries. We are dedicated to this effective new work which is using constellations and a systemic approach to the understanding and relieving of repetitive destructive patterns in human relationships.

ISCA is a not-for-profit association: Volunteers have contributed hundreds of hours of thought and work to developing the foundations of this community. We are officially registered as a non-profit organization with tax-exempt status in Germany.

ISCA is independent and open: Our association includes members from many countries and walks of life. It also networks different national and regional associations, although it does not duplicate their work. Anyone interested in constellation work or a systemic approach is welcome to join ISCA.

ISCA serves as a hub & holder of systemic constellation work in all its settings and applications, for present and future generations of constellators.

ISCA’s Vision is to actively encourage the development of a dynamic and reflective consciousness within the constellation community.

(taken from the web site of ISCA)

Both, Max Dauskardt and Alemka Dauskardt have been the founding members of ISCA, present at the Founding Assembly in Cologne 2007. Max Dauskardt has been in a position of Chairman since 2015 and has been instrumental for breathing new life into the association since that time. Alemka Dauskardt has been the driving force behind the organization of ISCA Gatherings and other initiatives and tasks. Together, they have contributed countless hours towards managing the functioning of ISCA.


ISCA Gathering in Zagreb, Croatia 2016 

ISCA Gathering in Lovran, Croatia 2018