We gather in a spirit of humility, perhaps in silence for a while. We look around and one by one give our first name and a few more words, if we feel like it. The facilitator senses when it is time to start the work.

Who ever feels that it is their turn to ASK – let’s call that one the SEEKER – selects from the group one or more participants and invites them to represent the ones who are perhaps holding the answers to the seeker’s question that cries for a resolution .

“Why am I so depressed?”
“Why am I afflicted by this illness?”
“Why has my daughter run away?”
“Why don’t I have a partner?”

or any other deeply troubling worry.

These questions asked in a spirit of openness and trust will allow us to enter the universal space that holds the answer.

The seeker simply watches what unfolds between the represented members of his/her family; like watching a constellation of stars in the sky, the seeker observes the constellation of the family members: how they deal with one another. Witnessing a slow and gentle move towards harmony encouraged by the care and guidance of the facilitator and attentive presence of group members.

The representatives remain fully centered and aware of who they are yet they allow the presence of one other human being to enter their consciousness for this moment.

The whole group holds the seeker and the seeker’s question in it’s consciousness and thus allows answers to emerge.

Sighs of relieve, sometimes tears of joy, tell everyone an answer has been received, a resolution to an aching problem has been found.

Silence is encouraged in these special moments to allow the newly found harmony to take up roots.


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