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“Constellations According to Hellinger International Forum”  Facebook group


This  Facebook group has been established as an open forum for everyone who is interested in Systemic Constellations as developed by Bert Hellinger and who wants to support the spreading of his teachings. Members are invited to share Hellinger’s words on all topics related to the practice of constellations, as well as to discuss the application of this method, in general or in their own practice.

Sharing about members’ own experience or ways of application of constellation method, including benefits and challenges, is encouraged. Discussion about the understanding and application of systemic principles and Hellinger’s insights is also welcome. Everything shared has to be respectful of the method, the founder and in accordance with the essence of Hellinger’s teaching, namely:




The group has been established by Alemka and Max Dauskardt, long time facilitators and teachers of constellations, students of Hellinger’s, who individually and as a couple have been devoted to the preservation and spreading of the systemic insights, teachings and methods of Bert Hellinger. But this group is open for participation to everyone who finds themselves within the posting guidelines and its purpose is not to promote any individual facilitator or group, but the teachings and the method.

The group has been growing fast since its inception and acts as a repository of quotes, insights, systemic knowledge, clarifications of phenomenological procedures of Hellinger’s constellations, collection of experiences, place for networking and sharing which defines and continues to develop theory and practice of Constellations according to Hellinger. Everyone is welcome to join and contribute within the group’s guidelines.


“Constellations According to Hellinger International Forum”  Facebook group