International Directory

A non-profit association “Constellations according to Hellinger International” has been registered in Croatia, for a number of years being a resource for people in the Balkan region, providing information, services and education in the field of Constellations. More recently, it has been acting as a professional registry of constellation practitioners in the region who have completed their education in Constellations according to Hellinger, many of them offering their own programs.

As there has been more interest from people who are committed to studying, preserving and spreading the teachings of Bert Hellinger and offering constellations based on these teachings, it was decided to open the possibility of international listing. The International Directory provides an opportunity for those who have completed certain education and training in Constellations to be listed and to publicly display their profile, programs they offer and contact details. It also makes it easier for those who wish to find a Constellator with certain education, orientation and a committent to a Constellating code of ethics.

You can find the Guidelines and Application for Listing HERE .

One-off subscription / listing fee gives you time unlimited access to e-library with many titles from constellation literature in a read-only format files. E-library has been established mainly to share books and articles of Bert Hellinger, many of which are no longer available for purchasing, but which are relevant for studying and understanding of the method and a doctrine of systemic constellations as developed by Bert Hellinger.