They said about Alemka

I have never attended a workshop before where every participant was so moved and affected. Your work is continuing to travel with all of us.


Since this workshop I have a profound understanding that there are certain things that I cannot change and in being able to find an embodied acceptance of this I find that I am liberated from that situation and yet still connected by love and care. 


Thank you for an extraordinary day last Thursday.  The participants were deeply moved by work and all reported back on the meaningfulness of the experience and it’s application to their lives and work.
(a psychotherapist from Melbourne)


My relationship with my son has significantly improved. I was able to let go and withdraw my energy from him. In turn he has come seeking me more. I am no longer deeply wounded by his negative attitude and behaviour towards me, which has reduced significantly also.
Thank you very much


I feel so much lighter. All the muscles in my body have relaxed. I felt I was having a continuing heart attack before. My heart does not hurt any more.


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you totally changed my quality of life. You helped me through your work from nightmare and lift the weight from my shoulders….I will always keep you in my heart. Lots of love.


Thank you Alemka for your gracious, generous, beautiful spirit. I am so glad to have met you, and to know of the important work you and your husband are doing. I look forward to connecting more and wish you much success in everything you do.


After a weekend of deep enquiry and intuitional work with Family Constellations with Max Dauskardt and his beautiful wife Alemka I’m feeling grateful, touched and humbled. They are doing this work with 100% integrity and great skill. I learned a lot and had a personal breakthrough with regard to my belonging. I was allowed to witness incredible processes that took the participants to unexpected places and allowed us all deeper insight to life’s truth.

Alemka.. I wish to give you a token of gratitude… for the work we did together years ago.. ‘cracked’ me open to allow me to address that which I couldn’t name. l drew this piece many months ago… and have since… been moved to send to the people in my life .. who are people of the Heart. .. You are certainly that. Its title is..’ The Heart knows..!’ This is my way of saying thank you.. my heart to your heart. D

from Dean




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