My True Nature (ENG)

A Report from the Constellation Lab 12.12.2021.

Some twenty or so brave souls opened themselves to insights into our individual life situations, but also to insights from the Field on universal themes of life and death. We could not ignore the broader social / ecological / epidemiological background on which our lives have taken place in the last two years, because we all feel the effects, one way or another. That is why we also set up one collective constellation, which included various nature aspects represented, such as water, air, earth and others.

And then, through a personal question from one participant, we had the opportunity to look into the context related to the Corona pandemic and insights from the representations of virus, vaccine, manipulators, science, freedom of decision, fear and more. Below is a combined summary of insights from both constellations which concern the collective level, as experienced and seen by the facilitator, without interpretations, but still inevitably subjective.

A PANDEMIC. There are countless aspects that are impossible to see and summarize in “one truth” or one final conclusion. Each of these aspects is true and all aspects belong to the bigger picture. There are no ones who are right, nor those who are wrong. The dichotomies and divisions are false, as is the dilemma of getting vaccinated or not.

Yes, the VIRUS is very present and alive. It probably escaped from the laboratory, but that doesn’t matter because it now has an independent life and is not so easy to control. It doesn’t have any intention, apart from securing its existence, wanting to survive. It has a certain fondness for the vaccine, that is, it is very connected with it.

THE VACCINE loves the virus and feels very important because it is the center of global attention. It is as if there is a secret in it, but it is not there to harm: “I am useful and I help those who believe in me. I am here to serve people, those who want it. And I’m based on nature principles too.”

MANIPULATORS and manipulators of manipulators exist and use this situation, each for their own purpose. Above all, they rely on FEAR, on the various fears that people consciously or unconsciously have, including the fear of death, of vaccines, of authority, of restrictions on freedom…

SCIENCE only does what it has always done, it focuses on microscopic facts, in the desire to analyse, understand and control the virus, but also everything that exists, all nature, to everything its relationship is the same. Not out of malicious motives, but out of a desire to help humanity. It wants and thinks that it can and should control everything: the virus and the vaccine and nature. The arrogant aggressiveness of scientific materialism proved to be quite fierce in this representation.

NATURE is just there, watching patiently and wisely. It does not interfere with this momentary madness that has gripped humanity. Some turn to the wisdom of nature, seeking salvation in it, put off by science and its arrogant, controlling, aggressive attitude without a soul. But such a superficial “new age-y” kind of approach is not enough, it does not provide an easy solution.

PEOPLE tormented, going crazy with all this, no longer know what to believe. And, unaware of their fears through which they are manipulated, they fight for the supremacy of their ideas and arguments. Unaware of what actually drives them. Unaware of what matters. The struggle for freedom of decision-making is becoming important to them, but all this does is distract them more and more from what is really important, from their true nature and from Life (from full participation in the energy of life).

The SITUATION we have been in for two years is only the result of the dichotomy and our separation from ourselves, from our true nature, our spiritual being. At the same time, it is the cause and encourages further dichotomy, the focus on the irrelevant, as we move further and further away from the energy of life, we lose more and more contact with it… with unforeseeable consequences for us and the planet.

HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS does not see that it is part of a wider cosmic consciousness that permeates everything.

SOLUTION. One of the first steps towards a possible solution is to stop looking for a solution, as well as giving up hope for a quick and one-dimensional solution. We need to understand that there are many aspects to this situation and that everyone sees only one part and sees it as the “universal truth”. Consequently, we need to stop exhausting ourselves with arguments, conflict, divisions, discussions, trying to prove, expose and the like.

All aspects of this story are true, they are all connected and they all belong to the same story. And they are all more or less unimportant (getting vaccinated or not is an unimportant dilemma). For each of us, the situation is refracted in a different way, depending on the angle of refraction through the prism of our personal situations, fears, beliefs, traumas, family and karmic patterns.    As long as we exhaust ourselves with this, we do not pay attention to what is essential: we do not pay attention to our spiritual nature in which we are all one and through which we are connected to our true nature. We do not pay attention to nature. That’s why we don’t see ourselves cutting the branch we’re sitting on, polluting the air we breathe, and destroying the land that feeds us. We know all this in our head, but we do not feel it as cutting of our own arm, the inability to breathe in our own life, or as hunger in our stomachs. We are not aware of the overall connectedness and of the connection of us and EVERYTHING. We do not feel that we are part of a larger whole and deny the equal right to belong to entire communities of non-human living beings. We are arrogant in experiencing ourselves as the only conscious beings not only on the planet, but in the entire universe! This, it seems, gives us the right to decide the fate of the planet, to look at everything only through the lens of usability for our own fabricated needs. Everything else, in our picture of the world, is subordinate to that.

Ah, is there an end to this hubris of humanity?!

Yes, there seems to be.

And it seems that it is already in sight. Not in some miraculous transformation into the “new man” that some hope for or in the sudden “help from space” that others expect. But in the simple fact that the earth can no longer feed us because it is depleted, that the waters can no longer quench our thirst because they stopped flowing through their usual cycles and that the air we need for every breath is stagnant and black.

 In the constellation, the representation for water stopped moving, the air representation, all in black, had to sit down because it didn’t feel well, and the representation for the soil was completely exhausted, drained, lying across the table unable to support herself.  And although there was a glimmer of hope due to the changing consciousness of the people and the slow understanding of what we did, the soil said it would take a very long time to recover and did not have much hope in such a possibility. The proposed sentence “it’s too late” was confirmed as fitting by the representative.  

This was a very difficult, sad, poignant moment in the constellation, from which it was difficult to move on. It felt like there was nothing else to be said or done. So, that was the end (of the constellation too). I personally was overwhelmed by this deep, quiet, all-encompassing sadness, a sadness of a kind I don’t seem to have experienced  before.

SOME THOUGHTS FOR THE END. If we didn’t focus on the “Covid Circus”, then we would have to see and feel all this. We would have to cover our faces with our hands and cry. We would have to fall to our knees and hand over our arrogance to forces greater than us. We would have to pray to every lump of soil, every grass, every tree for forgiveness and for our salvation. We would feel the sadness as if we approach the end of the most beloved being in the world, who we cannot save. We would have to come to terms with our own mortality, with our own end, which may have been inscribed from the very beginning. We would have to, with all the fear and uneasiness, surrender to the dark night of the soul to swallow us, us and  all our ways of life which brought us to here – abandoning all hope and calculations.

And this may be, just maybe, the last chance before that night descends on our entire planet, on our mother, the mother of us all, the great and only – Mother Earth: to go through our dark night of the soul so we don’t have to watch it literally descend on everything. Even in this proposal, there is hope, a possible way out, a solution – but none of this could be discerned in the deep all-encompassing sorrow of the final experience of the constellation.


Thank you to everyone who participated in this insight-gaining constellation lab.

And to all those who participated in the great experiment of a nature laboratory called Humanity.

This is the moment when the screen dims. The moment of suspended expectation… and then the letters slowly appear on the screen: “Thanks for playing. GAME OVER “.

Or the optimistic version: “NEXT LEVEL”, for those who still believe that there is a chance …

Regardless of the outcome, the perspective that came from the representation of the energy of the Great Spirit in the constellation should be somewhat comforting: “Everything is fine. Everything is exactly as it should be.”

Alemka, 12.12.2021.


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